Biker ride a bike bobblehead

Biker ride a bike bobblehead

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Show off your love for 2 wheels with this aerodynamic biker custom bobblehead. Sporting a cycling jersey and shoes in a striking shade of yellow, this biker is off to the races and takes cycling seriously. One for the avid bikers with a need for speed, but a preference of pedaling over driving, this custom ‘biker ride a bike’ custom bobblehead makes for a brilliant gift to the biker in your social circle.

Surely you know someone who’s always looking to get around on their bike, whether it’s for pleasure or as part of a commute, who would really appreciate having a miniature version of themselves on their transport of choice. A neat way to celebrate your friend’s passion for the eco-friendly choice to ride their bike to work, or any other place, this gift will make their day and will put them in the saddle even when they're at home.


  • Proof: We will send you the proof by email within 7 business days. Please reply us within 48 hours If any modifications are required. During this time, we will not proceed to the next step only if you are 100% satisfied!
  • Try to upload high-definition pictures, in this way, our bobblehead artists can better see your appearance and make the highest degree of imitation.
  • Only the head is customized, and the body is made according to the product pictures! If you need 100% custom, please visit our fully customized bobblehead category.