• What type of materials will the bobbleheads be made off? Are they safe for me and my family?

The materials used by our artist for bobblehead dolls are made up of a unique dilution of polyresin and oxylite. This material can produce a good hair texture and depth, the materials are made by machine or any type of automation. They are handcrafted. Because of the kind of material that our bobbleheads are made of, our dolls can last for a decade without losing its paint or cracking. We can vouch for our bobblehead dolls for kids with age of not more than six years old.

  • What type of bobblehead sizes can you produce?

Various sizes can be applied to bobbleheads of figurines. But the most well-known bobbleheads sizes are 7-7.5 inches and 4.5 inches. 6 inches high are the most well know the size of figurines.

  • Is there a minimum order for the number of bobblehead dolls?

No, you can order for as many as you want, but to get a good discount you have to order in bulk. This is not mandatory.

  • Do you have any standard bodies you adhere to?

We don’t have standard bodies. We only make customized bobblehead by what you requested.

  • What type of artwork do you use to make your bobblehead?

We make use of hand sketches and picture portrait, it is imperative that in the picture portrait, the edges and facial expression of the person are visible. Using a profile picture is advisable if you do not have one you can send your best available picture with your facial features intact.

  • List the stages/phases of bobblehead proofs?

The stages in bobblehead proofs are many, but the most important ones are:

  1. Sculpt Clay

In this stage, the hand will be used to mold the sculpt to perfection so that it can resemble the original photo of the person. At this stage, you can still ask for any changes to be made to the face, nose, cheeks, and hair. You will not be a charge for these changes.

  1. Complete Proof

The molding process would have been completed, we will now show the complete carved bobblehead for you to see, if you are satisfied with it, you will have to pay the 50% of the total costs agreed for the bobblehead. After the payment we will start painting the carved bobblehead, the only changes you can request for at this stage is color changing if you don’t fancy the color been used.

  • Can you make a bobblehead of my lecturer/friends?

Yes, this is the primary work we do in this company, please kindly go to our website: www.bobbleheadboy.com to request for our services. Or you can call our customer services on this phone number: to make inquiries.

  • Can my logo be more detailed?

Yes, your logo will be more detailed and beautifully crafted. We always deal with complex and intricate logos. Complicated logos or difficult to carved logos, we apply decal known as a tattoo to them.

  • How do the bases of the bobbleheads look like?

Well, known bases are circular, rectangular and square. But don’t worry we can create the bases to meet your taste. Let us know your suggestion and ideas about how you want the bases to look like and we will design it to your taste.

  • How much is the cost of printing customized design boxes of bobbleheads?

We do not charge for the setup of the boxes if you order for 5000 pieces of bobblehead dolls. We only charge you if your order is less than 5000 pieces.

  • How much is the transportation cost, if I want to airlift my bobblehead dolls?

 We don’t know yet, we will only have an idea of how much it will cost if you order for a custom made bobblehead and you give us the delivery address, that is when will know now give you the quote for the airlifting of your bobblehead.

  • Will the bobblehead be painted with lead paints?

No, the bobblehead will not be painted with lead paints, we are aware of how toxic and dangerous lead paint can be on bobblehead dolls, it can cause irreparable damage to human health. We have taken precautions to avoid this kind of situation.

  • Is there going to be any alert notification when my order is been processed?

Yes, our customer care will send a message to you informing you of the processing of your order and the delivery date. The alert notification can either be sent daily or weekly, the notification will be in form of an email, the email will comprise of your shipping notice, tracking number and some relevant documents of the shipment.

  • What if my order is damaged during transportation or when in transit?

Do not worry about breakage, we always ensure proper packaging and efficient delivery of our products. If the bobblehead is damaged during transit, we will repair or replace it for you at a little or no cost.