Musician Couple Bobblehead

Musician Couple Bobblehead

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Channel your inner Jimi Hendrix with this awesome ‘guitar man’ custom bobblehead that'll show you rocking out like never before. Everyone has dreamt of becoming a rock star at one time or another, so why not indulge and get yourself this miniature models starring you as the rockstar of the band?

If you're already rocking out on stage in a band, then there's no better way to proudly display your passion for the music than with this great little addition to your living room - or music studio. Adopting your likeness with the unique customization on offer, the ‘guitar man’ is the most personalized gift you could give yourself. At the same time, this custom bobblehead also makes for an excellent gift idea for the aspiring guitar player among your friends, or the rock-loving member of your family who can always be found playing Guitar Hero or strumming their air guitar.


  • Proof: We will send you the proof by email within 7 business days. Please reply us within 48 hours If any modifications are required. During this time, we will not proceed to the next step only if you are 100% satisfied!
  • Try to upload high-definition pictures, in this way, our bobblehead artists can better see your appearance and make the highest degree of imitation.
  • Only the head is customized, and the body is made according to the product pictures! If you need 100% custom, please visit our fully customized bobblehead category.