Male Couple Bobblehead
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Male Couple Bobblehead

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For the pair of best friends or the strong couple, this ‘fully customizable 2 person’ bobblehead will show the 2 of you together and show your appreciation and love for the other person. Whether you have had one best friend your whole life and are looking to demonstrate to them how much they mean to you in the form of a neat gift, or you found your soul mate and would like to let them know how close you feel to them, this custom bobblehead is the way to go.

A wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion really, this 2 person custom bobblehead will show the other person you truly care about them in a sweet way. If it’s for a loved one, this will look great in your shared home as a testament to your undying love for each other. If it’s your best friend, or a family member, then you can give this to them for them to cherish your friendship.


  • Proof: We will send you the proof by email within 7 business days. Please reply us within 48 hours If any modifications are required. During this time, we will not proceed to the next step only if you are 100% satisfied!
  • Try to upload high-definition pictures, in this way, our bobblehead artists can better see your appearance and make the highest degree of imitation.
  • Only the head is customized, and the body is made according to the product pictures! If you need 100% custom, please visit our fully customized bobblehead category.